A Global Digital Citizen is........

A Global Digital Citizen does......

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Group brainstorm, Session 1.

A global digital citizen is
  • someone who is aware of their digital footprints and actively explores, creates, and promotes
  • one who knows his or her identity
  • someone who can access and respond to information without time and space limitation
  • builds communities of like-minded people
  • someone who is social and can express their views, feelings, and ideas respectfully
  • does their thing 24/7 as long as there is internet access
  • able to understand the responsibility of what they are given
  • keen to keep a social network easily
  • have interest in gaining more knowledge of the world that surrounds him or her
  • someone who follows society’s adopted values, norms, and rules
  • someone who communicates with people they have not met (face to face)

“A global digital citizen is….”
  • Someone who is open to the technological age
  • Someone who can create and share content and materials
  • Someone who is constantly revising or changing his or her world
  • Always drifting among different cultures among in his or her mind
  • Someone who is curious and questioning
  • Usually someone under the age of 55
  • Is someone who can type with more than 3 fingers

"A global citizen is. . ."
  • curious about the world and explores it digitally,
  • connected to others,
  • aware of self and others,
  • resourceful, aware of world and local events,
  • adaptable and ever changing with technology (riding the technology wave),
  • contributor, seeker of information, relational

"A global citizen does. . ."

  • use a multitude of devices to connect to the world

“A global digital citizen does..”
  • Use technological tools to share and educate and inspire
  • Understands the power of technology as a tool to self improve
  • Use technological tools with a defined direction and sense of purpose
  • Not remember how to use paper and pens

“A global digital citizen is….”

“A global digital citizen does..”

A global citizen.....