Session 3

(Saturday, 9:30 - 10:45 am):

Team Projects

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What ACTION can I take at my school to improve global digital citizenship education and behaviors?
Create the MODEL of the way forward

From the Wallwisher: What action can I take at my school to improve global digital citizenship education?
Idea ONE: Developing guidelines and approaches to global digital citizenship across the school community
  • Develop guidelines for teachers and students to encourage and foster good global digital citizenship.. we need a kickstart!
  • Integrate into IB learner profile... Jabiz's idea!! Great one and would go down a storm at my school.
  • Model global digital citizenship in my own behavior and help foster a community of learners with all stakeholder, students, teachers, admin, and parents.
  • How do we begin teaching digital citizenship at the elementary level?
  • Define a set of behaviors and attitudes for all collaborative learners globally for the global digital citizen
  • What are the FIVE basic .....that all schools can adopt for global digital citizenship
Idea TWO: Establish a community of young learners and model global digital citizenship ('glocalization' - Friedman)
  • Find a way for students to meet other students from all over the world online. Maybe unite with another school, and let them find their match of friends...
  • ...then they can meet someday!! Organize a meeting somewhere else in the world or maybe in any of the 2 countries that the students are from so that they can...
  • their "new" friends where they live, and all the places they have been talking about. This opportunity gives a sense of globalization and digitalization
  • Set up a TCK community for our MUN students to foster relationships.
  • Empower students and teachers to find their voice and believe they have something to contribute to the global construction of meaning.
Idea THREE: Establish guidelines for using social media and establishing online spaces within an educational context
  • Create common agreements for e-portfolios
  • Good habits when blogging and using other social media
Idea FOUR: Creating the backbone for approaches to skills in conjunction with global digital citizen objectives
  • What tech skills can classroom teachers assume that students will have, and what is the role of the IT teacher and technology classes in the high school?
  • Create school-wide integration plan linking tech standards, curriculum, and global citizenship components Urgh, what a HUGE task :-)

Some ideas to get started:
  • International digital citizenship guidelines and approaches to collaborative learning using emerging technologies
  • Mashup with Pink - storytelling; innovation, invention & Prediction; social entrepreneurship; first person stories, group stories - document, create stories/scenarios in an international context
  • Resources to share with our school communities - (students, parents, colleagues, administration) that are global in content and context. Can we plan to create these resources over the next few months? Can we present at GEC?
  • Set up a resource - 'Getting started with global digital citizenship' (wiki?) for ALL educators to use in their learning communities
  • Code of behavior for reliable, responsible and respectful behavior globally!
  • Social media...?
  • Different perspectives: The School, The Teacher, The Student