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Digital Citizenship

The awareness and competencies of the effective digital citizen.
Through the lenses of:
  • Technology awareness and access
  • Individual awareness
  • Social awareness
  • Cultural awareness
  • Global awareness

"Navigate the Digital Rapids"

Davis, V. & Lindsay, J. (2010). Navigate the Digital Rapids. Learning and Leading with Technology, 37(6), 12-15. Download - DigitalCitizenship_Mar2010.pdf

The Eight NetGen Norms

'Grown Up Digital' by Don Tapscott

"The Internet has given them the freedom to choose what to buy, where to work, when to do things like buy a book or talk to friends, and even who they want to be." pg 75

"Net Geners get something and customize it to make it theirs." pg 78

"Net Geners are the new scrutinizers. Given the large number of information sources on the Web, not to mention unreliable information - spam, phishers, inaccuracies, hoaxes, scams, and misrepresentations - today's youth have the ability to distinguish between facts and fiction........They use digital technologies to find out what's really going on." pg 80

"Net Geners care about integrity - being honest, considerate, transparent, and abiding by their commitments." pg 82

"Net Geners are natural collaborators. This is the relationship generation." pg 89

"Net Geners expect their work to be intrinsically satisfying. They expect to be emotionally fulfilled by their work. They also see nothing wrong with taking time off from work to check their profile on Facebook or play an online game." pg 92

"Having grown up digital, they expect speed - and not just in video games. They are used to instant response, 24/7." pg 93

"This generation......has been raised in a culture of invention. Innovation takes place in real time." pg 95

The Eight NetGen Norms excerpt from Grown Up Digital

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