A Global Digital Citizen is....

Someone who is open and curious.

Image by Giara

Is proactive and open-minded, wanting to drive their own learning forward with the use of technology (open-minded, inquirers, risk-takers)

Someone who knows his or her identity is aware of their digital footprint and actively explores, creates, and promotes it

Image by dekade

Is someone who knows his or her identity and is aware of their digital footprint by actively exploring, creating and building communities of like-minded people; thereby, breaking down walls metaphorically and physically. Understands and uses the power of multiple technological devices with a defined direction and sense of purpose as a tool to self improve, educate, share and inspire (risk-taker, caring)

Someone who is aware and mindful of themselves, their community and the big picture of the world around them.

Image by Lieutenant Pol

Is someone who has a thirst for cultural awareness and social networking in order to gain knowledge about the world that surrounds him or her (inquirers, knowledgeable)

Someone who can communicate their views, feelings, and ideas respectfully and responsibly online.

Image by gwaar

Develops a greater sense of empathy, collaboration, innovation, curiosity and responsibility when exploring the world through digital media (caring, inquirer, principled)